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SmartPaani, NBI, and the Kantipath-Jamal Flooding Problem

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On Tuesday, May 8th, 2012, The SmartPaani Team made a presentation to Kantipath and Jamal residents and businesses, on how rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge can help reduce the monsoon flooding problem that plagues Kantipath. Bijay Sharma, our Business Consultant, made the presentation covering what rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge are, SmartPaani services, and successful case studies of our clients.

We at SmartPaani believe that rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge are key components to helping solve the water problem in the Kathmandu Valley. 49 Billion Liters of rainwater from rooftops are roads (2007 GIS data) are sent to the sewer each year, essentially wasted. This is equivalent to a 131 million liters a day, almost as much water as the much anticipated Melamchi Project is designed to supply. This leads to flooded roads and dry wells. Yes, over-pumping is a cause of the depleting shallow groundwater, but the second and perhaps more serious contributor, is the blockage of natural recharge by buildings and pavements that send rainwater directly to the sewer. Before, this water used to percolate into the ground feeding stone spouts and slowly going to the rivers, helping them maintain their dry season flow. Now this doesn’t happen, stone taps, traditional ponds, and wells are going dry, roads are flooding, and the dry season rivers are 95% sewage.

The solution? Rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge. The more people that adopt these economical systems, the higher the groundwater levels will become and the flooding will reduce. Imaging if all the buildings on Kantipath collected and recharged their rainwater. They would have a reliable monsoon water supply, the groundwater level (and Rani Pokhari) would increase, and the flooding significantly reduce.

Let’s work together to solve this problem. SmartPaani can design, install, and maintain these systems in ways that benefit both the users and the surrounding community.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to NBI for organizing this event and inviting us along with the other participants and presenters. Thanks also to the other presenters (Dr. Suresh Shrestha, Narendra Dongol, Keshav Sthapit, and Gopal Maharjan) for making it a successful, and hopefully convincing, event.

SmartPaani Booth at NBI

SmartPaani's Booth at the NBI Function

Bijay Sharma

Bijay Sharma presenting

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