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SmartPaani and the Yak Attack

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SmartPaani is the water arm of One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. As One Planet Solution we strive to design, promote, and make commercially viable environmentally friendly technologies. One of the most environmentally friendly forms of transportation is the cycle, and one of the ways to promote it, is to make it popular. Races such as the Yak Attack, one of the most challenging in the world, help do this. SmartPaani is sponsoring Stage 8 from Manang to Thorong Phedi, the second highest stage in the race. If races like Yak Attack continue to gather support in Nepal, riders from Nepal can shine on the world stage and help their livelihoods and increase the popularity of the sport in Nepal, including cycling as  a form of transportation.

The Yak Attack home page is here.

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