Consulting & Incubation

One Planet Solution’s mission is to spread technologies that enable a world where humans and the environment actually serve to enhance each other. To do this we also offer research consulting services where we assess business models for new technologies in the sector. Additionally, our fully-serviced office also runs on solar power meaning that no power cuts happen. Our top floor is dedicated as an incubation and co-working space. We are also looking for interested parties to take up our franchises and urban nodes throughout Nepal. Below are detailed descriptions of each of our services:

Research & Consulting Services

Under One Planet Solution, we have a team of experts who can assess everything from financial to technical feasibility. We specialize in researching potential innovative business models around environmental technologies. Currently we are working on research projects on both the energy and sanitation fronts and are open for proposals for joint projects to look into and bring to life other potential business models in these areas.


We also look to help start-up businesses, especially those who are working on environmental issues or eco-friendly products. Currently we are incubating MTB-Nepal, a performance tour and coaching company.