United States Educational Foundation (USEF) – Rainwater Harvesting

An Example of Economical Rainwater Harvesting in Institutions

In 2007-2008, One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. International Advisor, Tyler McMahon, was a Fulbright Student Scholar studying urban rainwater harvesting. With the blessings of the management he helped coordinate the installation at the Fulbright Commission building, which Raju Dangol and Hem Shrestha installed. Excited by the performance of this the Fulbright hired Gokul Dangal and Hem Shrestha to install a second system in 2009. Both systems are still working today very well and the Fulbright has nearly recouped all of the money invested in the systems because of the reduced purchases of tankers of water. Below are some pictures of the installation and also a letter of recommendation from Fulbright endorsing the technical capabilities of Raju, Gokul, and Hem. USEF is also considering a water recharge project from its other buildings and parking lot to improve the groundwater situation in the area.

The Recommendation letter from the United States Educational Foundation for SmartPaani's technical team's work done there in 2008 & 2009.

Recommendation letter from USEF-Nepal