Saraswati School, Chapagaon

Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

Saraswati School, Chapagaon, A Complete Rainwater Harvesting System

Rainwater harvesting is not just about rainwater for immediate collection and use, it is also about mimicking the natural water cycle by promoting groundwater recharge. Every time a road is paved or house is built, the rain that used to percolate into the groundwater is blocked and sent to the sewer. Using Rotary Club Funding, One Planet Solution Technicians, Gokul, Raju, and Hem designed and installed a complete rainwater harvesting system at Saraswati School in Chapagoan. The system has the following components:

Rainwater Collection – Rainfall from one roof is filtered and collected in the school’s water tank

Groundwater Recharge – The remaining rainfall from all other surfaces (rooftops and ground areas) is directed to recharge and filtration pits that recharge the well that provides water for the school. This helps sustain the well water supply year round.

Biosand Filtration – Rainwater is then filtered after collection by a biosand filter for students to drink. Well water is filtered during the non-rainy months for the same purpose.

Saraswati School has a complete rainwater harvesting system. All of the water on the school properly is collected and/or recharged into the ground, promoting proper management of a scarce resource. One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. will provide ongoing maintenance of the system for the school.