Rainwater = Drinking Water

Rainwater Harvesting for Year Round Drinking Supply

Household Drinking Water System

Rainwater Harvesting System at Bhushan's House

Rainwater Harvesting at the Tuladhars

In 2006, Gokul Dangal and Hem Shrestha installed a rainwater harvesting system for drinking water and groundwater recharge at Major Khuber’s house in Khusibhun, Kathmandu. The system consists of a 200 liter sand filter, 2000 liter storage tank, and a water recharge pit. The 2000 liter tank is enough to provide drinking and cooking water year round for the family; they use a normal filter with this water. Because of this they save thousands of rupees a year as opposed to buying the popular, yet questionable quality, water available in jars in the market from 40 to 150 rupees per 20 liters. Because of this they save between 6000-10,000 rupees a year and have been continuously promoting rainwater harvesting to their friends and colleagues.

Another family, Bhusan Tuladhar and Shriju Pradhan, in Kirtipur have also installed a rainwater harvesting system that supplies enough water to drink rainwater only year round. They 2000 liters of storage for their rooftop rainwater harvesting system, which is adequate to meet the drinking needs of their family after simple chlorination (Piyush).