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MegaBank Announces 9% Interest Financing for SmartPaani Systems

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SmartPaani - Mega Bank Partnership

9% Financing From Mega Bank Now Available for all SmartPaani Products

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2012, Mega Bank announced its partnership with One Planet Solution to provide 9% interest financing for SmartPaani systems. This type of partnership is the first of its kind in Nepal, and Mega Bank is the first major bank to come out in support of rainwater harvesting, biosand filtration, and water recycling and announce low-interest financing for the products. We are very happy to be partnering with Mega Bank and their initiatives to invest in everything in Nepal from the plow to hydro.

Below is the text of their press release.

Mega Financing for – Smart Paani

Marking the special occasion of World Environmental Day on 5th June 2012, Mega Bank Nepal Ltd. and One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. have entered into an agreement to promote – Smart Paani a product of One Planet Solution Pvt Ltd.

In tune with Mega through its various financial products supporting water related projects falling under its tag line of Nepal ko paani, Pragati Ko Khani, Halo Dekhi Hydro Samma Hamro Lagani, realizing the ever increasing acute scarcity of water, this project will also fall within its commitment towards the nation and its citizens’ welfare related to water conservation.

Mega Bank will extend financing services for the installation cost of this product offered by One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. at an attractive interest rate payable by the consumer at 9% p.a..

Smart Paani is a rain-water harvesting, water cycling and filtration system. The system can be used for new or existing homes that can significantly reduce dependability on municipal, groundwater, or tanker water supply. There are already hundreds of households and institutions who have already installed this system presently operating successfully within the valley.

As in the past, Mega Bank Nepal Limited has taken an initiative in nature and natural resource conservation this time by becoming the financing partner for Smart Paani. The Bank hopes that this will encourage every citizen to conserve rain water and eventually help everyone, especially the Kathmanduites to overcome the woes of water scarcity and crisis and do our ‘bit’ in supporting global environmental issues. As per the Chief Consumer Banking and Corporate Affairs – Ms. Raveena Desraj Shrestha, Mega Bank is devoted in providing its 5 Star Banking services to the public through its numerous product offerings while remaining cognizant of the Social Responsibility as a conscious Corporate at the same time.

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  • Rejan

    June 5, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    This is awesome. This is something really needed by the Nepali community and provides a very good support and incentive for those willing to install SmartPaani in their homes.

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