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  • Rainwater Harvesting and Stormwater Management

    Urban flooding from even small storms is increasingly becoming a problem worldwide. In addition, this problem contributes to sewage spills, even in developed countries with extensive sewage treatment networks. This is especially a problem in Kathmandu. During a rainstorm, people avoid the Jamal area because it can be flooded with up to half a meter of water, enough to even go into shops along the road. The main road next to Kupondole becomes a river ...

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  • SmartPaani @ the Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneur Bazaar

    SmartPaani has been invited to take part in the Surya Nepal Social Entrepreneur Bazaar, organized by Change Fusion at Babar Mahal. The Bazaar is 3 days, with 60 companies, where 20 will have their products/services displayed every day. SmartPaani will be there on Thursday, October 4th from 4-9 p.m. We encourage everybody to attend all 3 days as there are some really interesting businesses and organizations doing great things (some are also making great food). ...

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  • Aamir Khan on Rainwater Harvesting

    Great coverage of the benefits and positive examples of rainwater harvesting in India. The TV program itself has covered critical issues in India and helped spread awareness around India of certain issues. This is an excellent issue on the importance of rainwater harvesting and success stories. Many of these success stories are relevant for Nepal.

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  • MegaBank Announces 9% Interest Financing for SmartPaani Systems

    On the occasion of World Environment Day 2012, Mega Bank announced its partnership with One Planet Solution to provide 9% interest financing for SmartPaani systems. This type of partnership is the first of its kind in Nepal, and Mega Bank is the first major bank ...

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  • SmartPaani at the Nepal Water Expo 2012

    SmartPaani's team participation in the 2012 Nepal Water Expo organized by Direction Nepal. The expo was from May 4-6th. We chose this event to debut our live household rainwater harvesting model, which was received very well by visitors to our stall. The weekend was a valuable experience for SmartPaani, and we were able to show our economical water-saving technologies. Our stall was widely visited and we hope to continue to use this platform to help people ...

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  • SmartPaani, NBI, and the Kantipath-Jamal Flooding Problem

    On Tuesday, May 8th, 2012, The SmartPaani Team made a presentation to Kantipath and Jamal residents and businesses, on how rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge can help reduce the monsoon flooding problem that plagues Kantipath. Bijay Sharma, our Business Consultant, made the presentation covering what rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge are, SmartPaani services, and successful case studies of our clients. We at SmartPaani believe that rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge are key components to helping solve ...

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  • The No Nonsense Guide to Saving Water and Money This is an article written by Samriddhi Dhakal, SmartPaani's Business Research Executive, on ways to save water and money that include rainwater harvesting, biosand filtration, and greywater recycling.

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  • The Kathmandu Post – Alternatives to Municipal Water

    The Kathmandu Post has published an article about ways to deal with the scarcity of municipal water in the capital. The article discusses rainwater harvesting and features experts such as Ajaya Dixit, and the Managing Director of SmartPaani, Suman Shakya.

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  • SmartPaani and the Yak Attack

    SmartPaani is the water arm of One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. As One Planet Solution we strive to design, promote, and make commercially viable environmentally friendly technologies. One of the most environmentally friendly forms of transportation is the cycle, and one of the ways to promote it, is to make it popular. Races such as the Yak Attack, one of the most challenging in the world, help do this. SmartPaani is sponsoring Stage 8 from Manang ...

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