The Team

@ One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd.

One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. is committed to creating a productive work environment for its employees and building a strong and long lasting team. Our founding team consists of experienced businessmen, technicians and researchers. We are always looking for young and ambitious team members to grow our team.

Suman Shakya – Managing Director
Shailee Basnet – Director
Tyler McMahon – International Advisor
Bijay K. Sharma – General Manager
Suraj Kumar Singh – Operations Manager
Sweachha Rajbhandari – Technical Coordinator (SmartPaani)
Hem Narayan Shrestha – Senior Technician (SmartPaani)
Lokhang Limbu – Senior Technician (SmartPaani)
Sunita Shakya – Dharan Branch Manager
Kanak Muni Tamrakar – Accountant
Ashish Sunuwar – Maintenance Technician (SmartPaani)
Nabaraj Ghimire – Business Development
Suman Shah – Engineer (SmartPaani)
Raju Dangol – Senior Technician (SmartPaani)
Gokul Dangal – Senior Technician (SmartPaani)
Rojani Singh – Secretary
Binay Karki – Sales Manager (SmartUrja)
Prem Lamsal – Maintenance and Stock Manager
Jasmina Shakya – Receptionist
Rajani Maharjan – Consultant (SmartPaani)
Ashish Shrestha – Consulting Environmental Engineer
Kripa Sharma – Technical and Energy Efficiency Consultant (SmartUrja)
Sambaddha Pradhan – R&D Consultant (SmartUrja)
Shuvee Neupane – R&D Consultant (SmartUrja)
Bijay Thapa – Technical Consultant (SmartPaani)
Manisha Poudel – Consulting Engineer (SmartPaani)
Dependra Uprety – Consulting Engineer (SmartPaani)
Samriddhi Dhakal – Business Research Consultant
Hari Tamang – Office Attendant