Our History

One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has been under development for a long time. Raju Dangol, Gokul Dangal, and Hem Narayan Shrestha, have been working for years in the rainwater harvesting and filtration sector, mostly independently. Raju worked both for the NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation’s Rainwater Harvesting Campaign installing rainwater harvesting systems and the Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO) developing biosand filters. In 2007 Tyler McMahon, an American came to Nepal and conducted research for 10 months under a Fulbright Scholarship on the Economics of Urban Rainwater Harvesting in Kathmandu. After his grant finished he stayed in Nepal working for the UN World Food Programme. He also advised the Summit Hotel, American Club at Phora Durbar, and the United States Educational Foundation on installing beneficial rainwater harvesting systems in their compounds, which Raju, Gokul and Hem installed. While doing this the four of them decided to start One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. and its brand SmartPaani together with Suman Shakya; a entrepreneur, consultant, and professional trainer, who became interested while installing rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, and biosand filtration in his own home. The company is run by 5 people; Suman Shakya, Shailee Basnet, Raju Dangol, Gokul Dangal, and Hem Narayan Shrestha. Tyler is the international advisor for the company.

In March 2013, after one and a half years of incubation, SmartPaani Pvt. Ltd. became a separate company (smartpaani.com), with the entire board from OPS moving to SmartPaani. Suman and Shailee retained their rights in One Planet Solution to use it as a platform to create other initiatives in the environmental sector. Current initiatives include SmartUrja (smarturja.com), an energy related company working with solar & biogas, that recently won the World Bank Waste-to-Energy Bazaar 1st Place Business Plan to create 1.25 megawatt-hours of electricity from biogas generated by 200,000 chickens, proving that economical solutions exist for what were considered wasteful environmental hazards. Underneath SmartUja is another brand, SmartChulo, that works with clean cookstoves is also under development focusing on both household cookstoves and institutional waste biomass-pellet cookstoves.