Company Profile

One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a company developed to promote and expand environmentally friendly technologies in Nepal. The company designs, promotes, and installs economical technologies that enhance both livelihoods and the environment. Currently the company is focused on the individual and institution level installations, but hopes to expand to the community level as well. SmartPaani Pvt. Ltd. was incubated as One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd’s water related product brand, and after one and a half years it has become its own private company.

  1. System Design
  2. System Installation
  3. System Maintenance
  4. Import/Manufacturing and Sales (Future)

Underneath One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. there are multiple initiatives:

  1. SmartPaani Pvt. Ltd. A water company working in rainwater harvesting, biosand filtration, greywater recycling, and wastewater treatment. It is the first Private Champion of rainwater harvesting in Nepal and has done over 180 installations.
  2. SmartUrja – One Planet Solution’s energy-related product brand, working with solar, biogas, and biomass energy projects. Recently it received the first place prize in the World Bank’s Waste-to-Energy Bazaar Business Plan competition for a plan to convert the waste from 200,000 chickens to 1.25 megawatt-hours of daily energy.
  3. SmartChulo – Under SmartUrja, SmartChulo focuses on improved cookstoves. Its first product is an institutional cookstove that uses biomass pellets from waste products to replace Liquid Petroleum Gas. SmartChulo is also working on household cookstoves, both designing its own and distributing other stoves.
  4. Urban Nodal Points – One Planet Solution plans to replicate itself throughout Nepal using a series of urban nodal point offices. All of our brands and associated products will be available through all of the nodes and each node will provide innovative design consulting solutions, supported by the main office, for environmental issues specific to each municipality. We will be expanding to 11 nodes throughout Nepal in 2014.