One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd.

About One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd.

“Solving Today and Tomorrow’s Problems Today” is the concept that One Planet Solution was developed on. At current rates, if everyone on Earth used resources like the Western world (US, EU, etc) environmental experts believe that we would require more than 3 planets worth of resources.[1] Does this mean that ‘developing’ countries’ development should be restricted? No. What is means is there is a lot of economic opportunity in becoming more efficient. The world doesn’t need to use 400 liters of freshwater per capita per day for household uses, or even 100. That’s just one example. We at One Planet are here to work toward these solutions through a business approach.

About SmartPaani Pvt. Ltd.

SmartPaani was incubated as One Planet’s water related product brand. Paani means water in Nepali and since water is the most essential resource for life with the exception of air, it should be used properly. SmartPaani’s team consists of experts in designing water management systems at the household and institutional levels. Our technicians have installed more than 450 systems in Kathmandu including several respected institutions (see case studies), over 180 in the 2 years since the company was established. Our management team and advisory board have experts with years of experience with rainwater harvesting, water recycling, and filtration. We can design a water system for your new or existing home[2] that can reduce your water requirement from the municipal, groundwater, or tanker water market supply by 50-70 percent a year compared to traditional water requirements. See our website for more information about how.

About SmartUrja & SmartChulo

SmartUrja (energy) and SmartChulo (stove) are the new brands under One Planet Solution. SmartUrja works with innovative solar products including the Solar Optimizer and also new waste-to-energy products including an award-winning biogas project that will create 1.25 megawatt-hours of electricity from poultry waste. SmartChulo works with improved cookstoves at both the institutional and household levels. SmartUrja’s website has more details on these initiatives.

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One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a company developed to promote and expand environmentally friendly technologies in Nepal. The company designs, promotes, and installs economical …


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One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has been under development for a long time. Raju Dangol, Gokul Dangal, and Hem Narayan Shrestha, …


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One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. envisions a world where neither living standards nor the environment are compromised. Both are in their optimal state where humans …


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One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd. is committed to creating a productive work environment for its employees and building a strong and long lasting team. Our …



[1] Some believe more than 6 planets

[2] The reduction for existing homes depends on the existing drainage and plumbing layout of the house.